HealthRight International - Nepal

In Nepal, HealthRight is working to strenghten maternal and neonatal health services in two rural districts.  With over 80% of births taking place at home, and very few with skilled assistance of any kind, HealthRight is working to build community-facility linkages to encourage more women to deliver at health facilities.  Simultaneously, HealthRight is working with health facilities to strengthen their capacity to provide safe and comprehensive maternal and neonatal care.  

To support this process, I traveled to Nepal to work with HealthRight's local team and Ministry of Health partners to generate a plan for strengthening health facility capacity.  I synthesized all existing baseline data, identified Ministry of Health standards, conducted facility visits, interviews, and assessments, and eventually generated the gap in equipment, infrastructure, and services.  I then designed an easily-updatable database tool for the local team to use in their planning and implementation.  HealthRight is now able to channel funding and in-kind donations to the facilities that need them most.

HealthRight was also interested in expanding their work on maternal and child health to include HIV prevention and control.  I conducted a thorough needs assessment of the HIV/AIDS situation in Nepal and interviewed all of the major key service providers and advocacy groups.  I created a case story on a HIV+ support group, communicating their needs through storytelling and photos, and identified some areas of opportunity for HealthRight to have meaningful impact.