Hi, I'm Dianna.  I'm a social entrepreneur and global health consultant based in San Francisco, CA.

The Story of Me 

Having grown-up barefoot and fancy-free in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, I high-tailed it to the Big Apple in search of fame and fortune as soon as the high school graduation bells tolled.  Unbeknownst to many, I entered college as a business major, but found myself too insatiably curious about my new Bronx community to focus on my accounting courses.  I wanted to understand the dynamics of race and class and culture that were going on around me everyday, and soon found myself fully immersed in Fordham's incredible, challenging, hands-on, activist-driven Urban Studies program.

This decision proved to be the catalyst that landed me as an exchange student in Cape Town, South Africa, a place hyper-punctuated by race, class, and culture at every turn.  I would spend the next five years in South Africa, obtaining my Master's degree and diving into the social and economic cause-and-effects of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and international development more deeply than I ever could have imagined.  With mornings spent at university and afternoons in the townships, I learned the true principles of "human-centered design" and began my life-long commitment to impact-driven innovation.

Since then, I have worked on projects in Rwanda, Kenya, Nepal, and San Francisco.  Though I now call the Bay Area home, I continue to keep an international focus and explore new parts of the world every chance I get. 

Dianna received a BA in Urban Studies from Fordham University and a MPhil in HIV/AIDS & Society from the University of Cape Town.